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How To Buy A Used 4X4

When you’re in the market for a new toy to hit the mud with, you’re likely to consider buying used. However, this brings to the table a long list of considerations and questions for the seller, that you only hope he answers honestly. Let’s face it – you know that if you’re going to buy a used vehicle to take off-road, chances are that vehicle has already been off-road in the past. What kind of trouble has the vehicle run into that could spell problems down the road for you?

You know you can’t afford a shiny, new 4X4 – not only is the sticker price way out of your price range, insuring that truck is equally expensive. So how … Read More

John O'Nolan

How to Maintain Your 4X4 Truck

A 4×4 truck can be a lot of fun – especially when it comes to offroading on those particularly muddy trails! But, you have to take care of your truck, too, or it won’t last as long as you’d like it to. We’ve found that a lot of truck owners don’t know how to properly maintain a truck, so we’ve listed some tips here for you to follow – enjoy!

  1. Prevent rust: rust can be a truck owner’s worst nightmare. But, you can prevent rust from forming by simply applying an oil treatment to your truck’s various parts (on the body, not on the inside). A treatment should be applied once or twice per year to really work well,
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Top Inexpensive Off Road Vehicles

It’s hard to find a good off-road truck that doesn’t cost a fortune. If you can’t afford a Hummer, there are some other options out there that aren’t as expensive! Since we’re in the business of selling truck parts, we have seen a lot of different makes and models, and we know a thing or two about which trucks last the longest (and are the least expensive). Take a look at our list of top inexpensive off-road vehicles, and be sure to contact us if you need any truck parts.

  1. Jeep Wrangler: is there a more iconic off-road truck than the Jeep Wrangler? This truck doesn’t just look amazing, it performs well too. You’ll get a 3.6-liter V6 engine;
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