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Eric Erickson is a native of Denver, CO where he lives with his wife and son. Eric's fiction and poetry have been published in a number of print and online journals. His informational blogs have appeared on a variety of sites.

Nick Taylor

Explore the Real Colorado with Your Truck

Many of the best places in Colorado are unseen from the miles of rolling blacktop. In order to visit, you’ll need the right equipment. If you’re thinking about turning your SUV, Jeep, or truck into more than just a great hauling snow plow, then you’ll need the right 4×4 parts. Truck parts should always be installed by a professional, and feature guaranteed service that can ensure that you’ll be ready to tackle any trail. The aftermarket 4×4 parts available at the 4×4 Off Road Network include dozens of the top brands to boost your vehicles trail performance.

Conquering the Mountain – Ins and Outs of Colorado 4-wheeling

There are several trails that you’ll find from Fort Collins after a short … Read More


The Right Auto Repair Will Get You Back On The Road

Don’t ignore that rattle in your car or truck any longer. Easily preventable issues can lead to major vehicle problems. Your mechanic can help you get back on the road with skilled service and competitive prices. The 4×4 Off Road Network is not just your place for the best aftermarket 4-wheel sporting parts; their auto service center offers maintenance and repair service for all vehicles, with specialized care offered for 4×4 vehicles that are hard to find from your usual mechanic. Fort Collins off-roaders can trust the parts and service because they come with warranties that ensure smooth rides, and not-so-smooth rides.

Regular Maintenance for All Vehicles

Every car and truck requires routine maintenance to stay on the road. This … Read More

Martin Brigden

5 Things You Need to Know About Turning a 4×4 into an Off-Road 4×4

You remember the feeling: picking out that gleaming pickup truck or SUV in the lot and imagining what it would look like caked in mud. Your dream of owning a 4-wheel drive vehicle has been realized, but now there are just a few things you need to know about taking your vehicle to the next level. Chances are, your 4×4 is designed to navigate the asphalt jungle, not the dirt trails and rocky paths of Colorado’s great outdoors. In order turn that truck, Jeep, or sport utility vehicle into a real off-roader, you may need to add 4 wheel parts and off-road parts that can help you conquer the roughest road you can find. Then, you’ll need 4×4 service that … Read More

Find the Right Part for the Right Terrain – Your Only Stop for 4×4 Parts and Accessories

Building or maintaining the perfect off-road vehicle can take time. The process often involves selecting aftermarket parts to make the drive-train, chassis, and tires meet the needs of Colorado’s most rugged terrain. Thankfully, finding your auto parts in Fort Collins is a snap at the 4×4 Off-Road Network, with top-of-the-line 4×4 parts and a reliable auto shop. Fort Collins can be your headquarters for taking your off-roading dreams to the next level.

Used or Aftermarket? – Designing Your Off-Road Experience

terrain back of 4x4

CC Image courtesy of Andrew Macpherson via Flickr.

Your truck or SUV might feature four-wheel-drive, but is it ready for off-roading? Probably not. There are a number of enhancements you can make to your vehicle to get it ready for … Read More

Tackle the Road Less Traveled – Turn Your Truck into a Real Off-road Vehicle

So, your first step in tackling the miles of barely driven paths in Colorado may have been purchasing that truck, jeep, or SUV you’ve always wanted. It might have huge wheels and it looks great sitting in your driveway or at a spotlight, but turning your truck into a real off- roading behemoth might mean installing aftermarket parts that can make the difference between flat tires, broken axles, and poor steering performance in the places where you’ll need it most.

For many of your improvements you can find used truck parts or used 4×4 parts to repair or enhance your off-roading experience. Here are just a few of the upgrades you might want to tackle Colorado’s great outdoors.

Where the

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