5 Things Your Car Needs Before Fall

Whether you’re a hard-core trail runner, or an occasional mountain explorer, your rig is what keeps you in the game. Your 4×4 vehicle is valuable, and allows you to continue doing what you love, but are you taking care of it the way you should be? Too many people underestimate the importance of regular maintenance, and put themselves at risk for extensive damage and costly repairs down the road.

Every 3 months or so, especially if you’re an adventurous driver, it’s a good idea to give your rig a run-through. Each season, particularly with the weather extremes that we see here in Colorado, plan to spend some time cleaning, upgrading, and servicing your vehicle. As we approach fall, here are five things that you should put on your to-do list:

  1. Check your brakes

The inclement weather that often comes with autumn can make for hazardous driving conditions, and you’ll need the power to stop in a moment’s notice. Ask a qualified 4×4 mechanic to check the wear on your brakes, and replace the pads if needed.

  1. Check your lights and wipers

Visibility is key, especially when it starts getting darker earlier and when the fall winds start to blow. Make sure that your lights are bright enough and are in working order, and replace your wiper blades with heavy-duty ones.

  1. Check your battery

When cold and frost take over, it puts more strain on your battery, as does running your car’s heater. A simple battery check can save you lots of headaches, and reduces the risk of you getting stranded somewhere.

  1. Check your heater/defroster/air intakes

Here in Colorado, the fall chill can be biting, so don’t wait until the last second to make sure that your heating and defrosting elements are working. Check that you can have clean, reliable heat, as well as a clean and dry windshield before heading out for the mountains.

  1. Check under the hood

Give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve, and have a full inspection in the fall months. Ask your 4×4 service center to clean under the hood, replace fluids, and make sure everything is lubricated and running smoothly. Now is the best time to upgrade components and replace worn parts, before the snows arrive.

Ready to give your vehicle the fall service that it needs? Come to the 4×4 Off-Road Network today!

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