5 Signs That Say It’s Time to Find a New Mechanic

There are dozens of mechanics in Fort Collins and throughout the northern Colorado area, but not all auto body shops are created equal. Too many people choose a mechanic simply based on location or price, while others have a hard time leaving a mechanic shop once they’ve brought their car in, even if the service goes south. Whether you’re an avid off-roader or not, you deserve to find a shop that gives you excellent service and value.

Wondering whether or not it’s time to find a new 4×4 mechanic? Here are a few red flags to watch out for:

  1. Nobody greets you

If you walk into a shop, and nobody takes the time to look you in the eye, smile, and welcome you, this is a bad sign. Even if a shop is busy, you deserve to be acknowledged as soon as you arrive.

  1. It feels really “salesy”

The last thing you should have to deal with, when you’re getting your car serviced, is a pushy hard sell. A mechanic giving advice or suggesting upgrades is one thing, but when you feel like you have to buy something expensive or unnecessary, run the other way, and fast.

  1. There are consistent billing errors

If you have a hassle with your bill on a regular basis, it might be a sign that things are either poorly managed, or that the shop is purposely trying to scam you. Make sure you look over your bill and ask questions before paying!

  1. Your car is returned dirty

No matter what kind of work being done on your car, it should never be returned to you dirty, smelly, or messy in any way. If you pick up your vehicle and it smells like cigarette smoke, there’s trash on the inside, or any kind of oil or scratches on the exterior, it’s time to go elsewhere.

  1. They have mediocre reviews

Sometimes, it’s worth checking out a mechanic online, even after you’ve already taken your car there. If you see lots of low ratings, customer complaints, or other bad news, consider finding another Fort Collins auto body shop to give your business to.

Want to finally find a mechanic that you can trust, and one that specializes in taking care of 4×4 vehicles? Come down to the 4×4 Offroad Network and meet our friendly staff today!

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