5 Overlooked Tips to Extend the Life of Your 4×4

5 Overlooked Tips to Extend the Life of Your 4×4

Purchasing a car is a big investment and like all of us, we want to protect and get the most out of our big purchases. If you plan on keeping your 4×4 vehicle for a long time, make sure to visit your auto service center regularly and follow these useful tips.

1) Don’t push the limits of your vehicle every day
Cars are meant to take some abuse, but that doesn’t mean you should always push the limits of it. The more gentle you are with your vehicle, the less parts will wear down and break. Keep the RPM’s low, don’t ride your brakes and be nice to your suspension.

2) Buy gas at reputable gas stations

Some gas stations’ quality of gas can be cheap and diluted with fillers or excessive amounts of ethanol. In addition, some gas stations don’t change their fuel pump filters regularly, which can be harmful to your car. Find a gas station you trust and try to use it as frequently as you can.

3) Be gentle and slow when you’re stuck

If your 4×4 is stuck in deep mud, snow, sand or rocks offroad, be gentle with your vehicle and slowly try to exit the problem. If you try to move your vehicle too fast, you can damage important components and parts that will be expensive to replace. It might not be a bad idea to keep some sort of traction aid in your trunk to help give your vehicle more grip while getting out of a low-traction situation.
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4) Wash your car regularly

Not only does washing your car regularly make it look nice, but it helps protect your paint. Dirt and other particles can be acidic and eat away at the clear coat, which will eventually peel, and damage the paint. You should also give your paint a fresh new coat of wax every three months.

5) Check your wheel alignment

Making sure your vehicle has a proper alignment and balance is crucial. Not only will it handle better, but tires and other components will wear evenly saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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