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5 Off Road Upgrades Under $100

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t customize your off-road rig. With the right 4-wheel parts, your trailblazer can be looking hot and riding powerful, but many people think they can’t make much of a difference without shelling out thousands. This simply isn’t true! With the hundreds of individual parts that make up your truck, there are quite a few that are easy on the wallet and can drastically improve your time on the trails. Your mechanic in Fort Collins can help guide you to more custom off road parts, but here are just a few ideas of upgrades you can make this weekend for less than $100.

You may want to stop in and have your mechanic give your rig a run through and determine what parts could use replacing and what areas have room for performance improvement. After all, if you’re trying to save dough, only invest in parts that you actually need!

High end lighting.

It may not sound sexy, but having good quality powerful lights can make a huge difference when you’re wandering around the Colorado wilderness. Look for higher end headlamps with extra lumens, or if you already have newer headlamps, add on some auxiliary lighting. There are several great companies that make spotlights, floodlights, bar lights, and other custom options to keep you safe and visible when you’re off road. These are some of the most important 4-wheel parts you can buy, since they allow you to see all the obstacles you’re going to conquer–regardless of the weather.

Air filters.

One of the top off road parts that takes abuse is the air intake system- the huge amount of dust and dirt that you kick up while traversing the mountains gets sucked in with force, easily clogging your filter. Luckily, these are easy to replace and are generally inexpensive. Good quality air filters that are designed for off-road often use a more advanced filtration system (sometimes oiled or dry media) that can handle all the trail dust and keep your powerful engine clean and safe. A new air filter can provide an extra bit of power for advancing over those rocky outcroppings, and checking your filter should always be a part of your pre- and post-trip checklist.

Aftermarket gauges.

The automotive world can get a bit geeky at times, with all the talk of approach angles, torque, and fine-tuning machine pressures. For those of you who are so inclined, there are dozens of options on the market to make your dash look like something out of a sci-fi flick. There are gauges for air pressure, air/fuel ratio, electrical power, brake pressure, battery power, fuel and oil pressure, fluid temperatures, and many more. You have the options to customize with different colors, ambient lighting, and metallic or wood finishes. With minimal cash, minimal time, and the help of your local mechanic in Fort Collins, you can have your very own slick control panel that lets you keep an eye on every aspect of your truck’s performance.

Shock absorbers.

While your shocks are usually tucked out of sight, they are oh-so important for lending a smooth ride on even the roughest roads. For the seasoned off-roader, a good set of specialty shocks can make or break a weekend trail excursion, and to upgrade them is a worthwhile investment. There are many on the market, even for modified and lifted vehicles, and from brands you know and trust to make quality off road parts. Look for shocks that have been tuned for off-road use, and get ready for less jostling and soreness on the trails this season!

Grab handles and other interior safety gear.

This is such a simple and useful solution; it’s really a slam-dunk project that you can finish in an afternoon. If you’ve ever been on a particularly bumpy off-road ride and wished you had something solid you could grab a hold of, then these are for you. Grab handles are easy to install, serve an important purpose, and make entering and exiting modified vehicles a breeze. And since they’re so budget-friendly, you’ll have some cash left over for other interior gear like cargo nets, door bags, and other solutions to keep your valuables and tools stashed away safely while you hit the trail.

See? It doesn’t take a six-figure salary to outfit your truck, and it shouldn’t have to. That’s the beauty of off-roading in Colorado, with our miles of accessible trails and a thriving outdoor culture- that anyone should be able to join in on the fun. So if you’re looking for some budget-friendly upgrades to make this weekend, start with this list. And as always, get a hold of your favorite mechanic in Fort Collins and they’ll help you install your brand new 4-wheel parts!

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