Offroad Lights – Choosing the best one for your vehicle

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Adding additional lighting to your 4×4 can make a huge difference in visibility at night whether you are taking your vehicle offroad, rock climbing, or just want some additional luminosity on the street. Standard headlights on a vehicle are typically designed for normal, on-road driving conditions and can limit the amount of area a driver can see in areas with little to no light. If you’re considering buying additional lighting for your vehicle, use this guide to help make your purchasing decisions.

High Intensity Discharge Lights (HID’s) are a great place to start if you’re looking to add additional lighting to your stock headlamps. HID lights replace your vehicle’s standard Halogen, incandescent bulbs and replace them with very powerful, energy efficient bulbs that produce clear, white light. This is a great modification to any vehicle whether it’s being used on or offroad.

If you require additional lighting than what is offered on your stock vehicle, you can custom fit additional, mounted lights. Generally, there are three different types of lights you can purchase:

Driving lights are a great choice if you need additional light. They offer an excellent combination of beam length and beam spread. These are most similar to the standard driving lights found on your vehicle and are ideal for general driving purposes.


Fog/Flood Lights offer additional light in a wide beam pattern. They’re ideal for low-visibility situations and light up the road directly in front of and around your vehicle. These lights are best suited for situations at night that involve navigating in tight areas such as forests or large boulders, seeing potential wildlife that may run across the road, or spotting inconsistencies on the ground. For best results, use fog lights with a color temperature of around 3000-4000k.

As with any
4×4 accessories, it is important that they are installed correctly to prevent any issues from happening out on the trail. Visit your trusted auto service center or 4×4 mechanic to help aid you in the installation and fitting of your aftermarket parts.Spot lights offer additional light in an intense, focused beam pattern. These lights are ideal for driving on long roads and paths where seeing objects in the distance is important. Spot lights are useful while driving at high speeds and when it’s crucial to see the road ahead for any obstacles or wildlife that may be in the path of travel. Keep in mind that spot lights should be used for offroad applications only, as they can blind oncoming drivers.

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