3 Ways To Save Money on Your Offroad Upgrades

3 Ways To Save Money on Your Offroad Upgrades

When you picture your dream offroad rig, what does it look like? Does it have a bigger lift and beefier tires? What about a hefty winch and upgraded lighting? No matter how your mental picture appears, we can all agree that modifying your offroad vehicle can be quite expensive. Most people tend to customize their cars over time, plunking away at the projects that will give them the biggest bang for their buck.

It definitely pays to do research on the best 4 wheel parts and ask around for recommendations, but how many of you have considered incorporating used offroad parts for your next upgrade? There are lots of ways to save money and go green when customizing your trail truck, and here are three things to get you thinking!

1. Buy used offroad parts

More and more drivers are starting to see the benefits of used parts to upgrade their vehicles, and the used car part market is growing steadily. Buying used means that you save a serious chunk of cash, you prevent parts from going into landfills, and you can make sure those parts see their intended lifespan. In most areas of your car, it’s perfectly safe to install used parts, especially with the steady hand of a trained 4×4 mechanic. Don’t get scared away by the label- most reputable dealers and shops certify and stand by their parts, both new and used.

2. Swap with friends

If you are a serious offroad driver, chances are good that you have a vast network of buddies that hit the trails with you. It pays to be a part of a group for many reasons, but sharing and swapping 4 wheel parts is one of the perks. Before you lay down the cash for a new part purchase, ask around to your friends and connections- you never know what someone may have lying in their garage or the parts they may want to sell or trade. Just be sure to double check compatibility with your make and model, and thoroughly clean and inspect the parts prior to installation.

3. Prioritize your wants

Think about your real goal for your offroad vehicle- do you want increased power? Fuel efficiency? More stylish looks? Then pare down your list of upgrades to reflect your priorities. After all, it makes no sense to drop hundreds on a new engine part when you really want to turn heads on the street, and vice versa. Spend your money wisely on the 4 wheel parts that will give you want you want, and flesh out the rest over time. Do your research, ask around, and invest in the things that matter most to you when you’re out on the trails!

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