3 Signs That It’s Time for a Maintenance Check

You love your offroad vehicle, and you want it to last you a long time. But just like you, your car needs some regular maintenance in order to be in tiptop shape, and allow you the reliability and control on the trails that you need. It can be hard to gauge exactly when your car needs to visit your local 4×4 auto shop- after all, you don’t want to spend money on unnecessary work, but you also don’t want to neglect a nagging issue until it becomes something serious. So, here are three signs that tell you it’s time to bring your car in to see your mechanic:

Unusual sounds

You’re probably familiar with your vehicle’s noises by now, and if anything sounds unusual or wrong, it’s worth having a 4×4 mechanic take a look. Grinding, pounding, clicking, or whining sounds may indicate wear and tear of certain components, or a lack of proper lubrication.

Fluid leaks

Maybe you saw a spot or two of fluid on your garage floor, and you didn’t think much of it. But leaking fluids can be a serious issue, especially if they are coming from a closed system like your transmission or brakes.

Difficult driving

Your daily performance on the roads and trails is the best indicator of vehicle health, so if you notice that it’s getting harder to accelerate, climb hills, come to a complete stop, or maneuver around turns, it’s a good idea to make a service appointment!

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